Uncharted milestones.

Today marks the day that, five years ago, a chance was taken, and two rare beings embarked on the first road of an endless journey. Bleak pasts and treacherous futures would not stop them from reaching for hope, staring far off to distant high peaks from that murky river bed.
They sought not destiny. For with destiny comes finality. Completion was not their desire.
Reality would agree with them.
Every trail, every peak revealed new discoveries. Higher mounts, deeper valleys, longer roads.
They embraced it. Wrong turns, ditches, falls, dead ends, and all. They would not be stopped. Enough progress made to hold on and keep pressing forward. They embraced it. They embraced each other. They stood high, looking out into the infinite unknown, anxious to enter a new void to turn sublime.
They would never stop moving forward. Their ascension would not end. And they would never forget how low they once had to be before they could begin.


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